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March 19th, 2011

wow so 3 years ago i wrote a very angry note on Facebook (probably before i knew what tumblr was and before i knew that no one reads notes on FB) and its all about rebecca blacks song friday. Why was i angry for no reason?

seriously its funny it looks like this:

Rebecca MotherF#@king Black!

For those who don’t know what the song is listen here before reading the note

That’s right, it’s another angry Facebook note rant. Simply because this world has officially met one of the 2012 apocalyptic signs. Her name is Rebecca Black and she has created the Worst Song Ever to be made in the history of any sort of music that my ears have ever heard. If every 13 year old girl wrote a song about how the F#@king calendar works and how their day starts and ends, then this world would just be full of terrible songs streaming across the world at a fast pace of creating a Musical Apocalypse. 

Before i even touch the lyrics of this song, I’m going to make fun of the video bit by bit. For those of you who have seen the video either by the link above or you stumbled upon it by yourself. Why the hell does she go to the bus stop only to find her 12 year old friends (who are clearly under age for any form of license) driving the expensive looking sports car? That’s just irresponsible also if you read the the papers at the beginning of the video they say something different for each day of the week

Sunday: Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Monday: Just Another Manic Monday

Tuesday: Tuesdays Gone With The Wind

Wednesday: Listen To Wednesday’s Song

Thursday: I Am Thursday’s Child

Friday: It’s Friday. I’m In Love

What the F#@k does she mean in the Thursday one? “I Am Thursday’s Child”, what does that even mean? Has anyone you’ve ever know gone up to you and ask “Are you Thursday’s Child?”. Is Thursday the name of one of her parents? Does she have legal rights to the day Thursday? If So, I want the one for Friday because i think we need to change it after this song. Also, do they think their clever by putting the Bob Segar reference in the Tuesday paper. No…just no. 

Ok on to the lyrics. Here’s a link to them, read them and then get back to here

Did you notice how none of it rhymed except for the word “Seat”. When she’s deciding which seat she wants to sit in with her friends, it’s pretty F#@king clear that the front seat is taken and that there’s only the middle (Bitch) seat in the back. But she still ask’s which seat should she take. The song in the beginning is literally about how any normal pre-teen wakes up in the morning except the twist is Timmy stole grandma’s

Mustang convertible, and then she starts talking about how it’s Frieday. Not Friday, she adds an “E” sound into the word somehow and then says it repeat’s it over and over again.

Then in the 2nd verse she starts talking about that “She’s got this”. What the hell does she have, no one knows. Then while she’s in the back seat of the car again. She asks the same Seat question again when all the seats are F#@King taken in the damn vehicle! After another painful chorus, we get to hear her just talk about the F#@king days of the week. And may I remind you that this whole time, none of this song has any rhyming talent in it. Then she just loses all grammar concepts and says “We So Excited”. NO! You say “We Are So Excited”. You are not a 5 year old Rebecca, or maybe you are because i bet i could of gotten one to write this song too. 

Now for the kicker, after all of this. This random black guy in a sweater comes out of nowhere driving an SUV. Then he starts rapping to yet another talentless lyrical session that talks about him driving a car and driving near a bus. This guy looks like he’s dying on the inside just for having those words coming out of his mouth. You don’t want a average black guy in a sweater driving an SUV rapping. You want a Jay-Z classy jacket, hat tipped to the left a little wearing, superstar “G”. If you wanted to watch the modern Bill Cosby autotuned you’d watch a poorly made youtube video that someone made in their spare time.

I actually found one too. He’s not in a sweater but you get the joke.

And speaking of autotune. Autotune is suppose to enhance any voice that speaks through it’s system and make it sound better. Examples: T-Pain, Ke$ha, Willow Smith, Bill Cosby. But with this girl it’s a whole different story. She sounds terrible throughout the whole damn song. If autotune can’t even make you sound good, then you shouldn’t even be singing in the first place!

Final thoughts. I fear for this world if people like this get to have songs made and no one justify’s it. Music comes from the heart, it reaches out the the emotions that we can’t normally get out in just words. If a 13 year old girl talking about Friday makes someone a superstar or as ABC News says “The Next Justin Bieber”. Then everyone right now grab a camera, a pencil, and some paper. Because I bet if you can right a more annoying and worse song then Rebecca Black, then you just may get a single and place 26th currently on the iTunes chart. This is at this moment at 5:56 pm 3/20/11, her song i Twenty F#@King Sixth on the iTunes chart. Rebecca Black is giving the music world the middle finger because i bet you anything when The Beatles tried to get famous, they worked their asses off to do it and they succeeded bceause they wrote beautiful and rocking songs that came from the heart. Not songs that a 10 year old can half ass in less then a school day. 

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If you don’t think Porygon is cute, we can’t be friends.


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    people who ply video games for fun fucking disgust me I play for 2 reasons

    • to get mad
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    any other reason and you are scum casuals

    tell me, how does one ply video games?

    do u think ur fkn smart? smh

    Do you think you are fucking smart? Cause you need to learn how to write words and not be lazy.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Buttsex.

League of Buttsex


    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Buttsex.

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